Thursday, 20 August 2015

Holiday Snaps

Being away from the comfort of my own home to try out some night time shoots I realised that I need to plan them out a little better as it is boring! and cold! Anyway, I dealt with it as best I cold with the clothing and equipment that I had in order to get some star trails while we were away.

Doing this, especially at a location where it is pretty much pitch black makes trying to focus the camera to capture anything much harder so sadly some shots are a little blurry as I had no idea if I had focused on anything. This reminds me to take a high powered torch so I can create a focus point for the camera.

Photos from the first day at the little beach, the aim was to try and get the motion of the water in a long exposure. This had to be balanced with how bright it was outside so the exposure was very short indeed (one to five seconds in some cases). I love how they have come out though and can't wait to play with them in the editing software to see how I can manipulate them.

Night time shoot, and this is where the problems start as trying to focus the camera was difficult, however, the results were great. The castle looks fantastic in the photograph and the star trails looked super, just wish I could have stayed out longer but I was far too cold.

Happy Accident, I changed position to try and get the stars above the hill, however, as I started the exposure a couple were walking down the hill and their torch was picked up by the camera. I think this is great, I really like it when I end up with "accidents" in my photos. It makes me want to have a go at doing some light painting with the boys when the nights start getting darker earlier.

I have no idea how I didn't manage to get the camera focused correctly at this point. But I do like the detail in the star trails that I managed to capture, along with the washing line as well.

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