Monday, 31 August 2015

Long Exposure on the phone?

Since I have two young children it is not always feasible to take my camera equipment with me everywhere we go, and also spend large amounts of time taking a few images, not due to the boys becoming bored, but it is not fair on them to have to spend time out of our day out (usually the zoo) waiting for me. The solution - find an app that lets me do long exposures, one quick hunt around the Internet and I had a whole list of ones to look at. I decided on the one to download and got it set up with little effort.

The test was the next day at the zoo, with 4 adults and 4 children aged from 5 to 1, and on a very busy day to the zoo, so the challenge was set.

I am pretty impressed with the functionality of this app, it has captured the motion of the water well, I like that you are able to alter the shutter time and also how much blur is wanted. The only downside is that anything over 1 second is really hard to keep steady, when you have a 2 year old swinging on your arm like a monkey! And I don't want to get a tripod for my phone.


  1. These are pretty good considering they're from a phone. Which app are you using?

  2. The blur effect on the water is the sort of thing you used to need a good SLR with a lens that costs as much as a car to do. Very impressive. I would also be interested to know which app you chose!

  3. For those interested I use the SlowShutter app, it is a whopping price of 79p!