Monday, 31 August 2015

Happy Accident Photo that lead to Light Painting...

From the photograph where I had captured a couple walking down the hill with a torch by accident I decided to look at light painting in more detail. It seemed to be fairly easy to get an image to capture light (considering I had done it by accident) I roped my husband into help me do some quick tests.

Just a bit of fun but they came out much better than I thought, as we only went out with the camera and used the torch on my phone. We decided that we needed to think of ways to make the photos more interesting by trying to add colour, or get something drawn, will revisit this again.

I am looking forward to when the nights get a litter darker so I can get the boys to help me, I think they will really enjoy running around with little torches and seeing the results.


  1. That looks like great fun!
    Have you seen the video where a farmer strapped different coloured LED lights onto his herd of sheep?

  2. Great Blog,light painting is alot of fun to do.