Monday, 31 August 2015

Capturing Motion...

Since studying A Level Art (way back when I was in Sixth Form) I got the chance to see a Howard Hodgkin exhibition, I loved the use of colour in his paintings as they are so vibrant and full of motion. I had to get my Dad to come and help me collect a marque from a friend (eldest's birthday party is outside so need shelter!), so I decided to let my dad drive and I would try to capture motion while we were driving back.

I was lucky as it was a glorious day (as my Dad would put it!), this also helped with the picking up of the marque as I would not want to do that in the rain. The other bonus is that we were able to drive through a number of different areas from the motorway to country lanes giving a variety of colours and textures to capture.

I had some great fun taking these images, moving car and holding camera steady is always a challenge, making sure camera does not fall out of window, trying not to be sick watching the world go by that quickly.

I love the colours that have been captured and the different scenes, I have not idea what made the shiny trails on the first 2 images, I can only think a stationary car that we drove past, or something that had the sun shining off it. I feel that it really has captured some qualities of Howard Hodgkins's work.


  1. I think the pictures are enhanced by the smooth and consistant driving.

  2. Yes, the driving was amazing, almost as good as the photographer that had parts of a massive marquee sticking in her back!