Sunday, 20 September 2015

So update on the investigation title and some experiments....

After posting the first draft of my investigation, I have altered it slightly to take in my interest in both photography and computer science.

New investigation route:

Does the unlimited access to digital and social media expose the individual to art and experiences that may have otherwise remained a closed door? 

Let the journey be the destination; before the phenomena of the Internet, artists such as Dan Eldon documented his travels across South Africa using journals, and creating very thought provoking photo montages of his experiences and the impact of the environment he was exposed to. 

The concept of documenting has continued today but with digital and social media as the journal and anyone with Internet access the audience. Photographs can be taken, edited and uploaded in an instant, with viewing happening 24/7 across the globe. This new, wider community has opened the door for many to try something new, or realise they are not alone. 

By taking up my camera again I have influenced my 4 year old son, who has become interested in taking photos of what he experiences and he wants to share them with his own audience. This has allowed my son to interact with the world in a different way, seeing new things and deciding on what is a good picture. My son has also influenced me as he views the world from different angles and levels, along with his enthusiasm when out and about, which is contagious. This has provided me with a new perspective when capturing images, taking into account what he can see and how that impacts on his photographs, and allowing this to influence how I set up my shots.

So what do we think?

Anyway onto the experiments. I am currently taking photos when I get the opportunity to, I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment so trying to fit in going out specifically to take photographs is pretty slim. After a trip round the zoo with my family, and using my mobile phone, I got some interesting images that I could combine  And Sunday I was off to flyball training, so I took my camera with me, the idea was to get some images of the dogs and also from the brige looking down on the motorway. I have just sat down to put some images together and see what I could make that would be a little different.

Zoo Experiment:

I like how this one turned out, the bright colour on the T-shirt makes the eye track through the image. It was interesting to see the different positions that people moved into as the walked down the path. 

Motorway Experiments:

Original Image once all the photos were combined together, I had to remove some cars that appeared in between the lorries as it made the image way too busy to really see anything.

With a filter put over, I like the detail on the vehicles coming through, and it really makes them stand out.

This is a combination of two different final images using different levels to alter the colour intensity. I loved the dramatic sky on the first image but not the washed out vehicles, the second image had the vehicles that you can see above but a very pale sky. This looks much more interesting combined together.


  1. It is an interesting question, gone are the days when you had to hope the local library had a book on the topic you wanted, I do believe that the Internet has enabled to to experience more. It is very easy to do a search on almost anything and get results, this has expanded the world in which we live considerably.

  2. The question is interesting as it is allowing the view to take part in the art that is being produced, it is a great idea.