Saturday, 26 September 2015

New Experiments...

While I was out with the dogs, I quickly got out my phone to take a few photos that I could manipulate. The result is not too bad, the only issue is that I have 2 black and white dogs, this means that they don't show up that well when using the laying technique to overlay each image to give a pathway.

Still the little dog, who is blond, shows through pretty well. It did take a bit of editing to get rid of the trees and grass from each layer so I did not have a weird blur going on.

Here are the original images:

Combine Images to show the path of the dogs as they run back to me with the toy.

You can see the pathway that the dogs pick as they come back.


  1. I like the idea behind the image with the ghosting of the dogs, but the photograph has too much colour so the main focus looks a little lost in places.

  2. The experiment with the time lapse is interesting but you need to get the dogs to stand out more from the grass and surroundings.