Monday, 28 September 2015

Expanding the paths to follow...which way to go?

I am at a bit of a road block in terms of which way to progress next to develop my work further. I have been playing with some photos this evening to try and find a style or genre that I am interested in developing further.

I had a bit of a play with one of the images from the other day that I created, using the colour and black and white version to create an image with only the main focus in colour. I do like black and white photographs and I think this splash of colour works really well and it looks like the main focus is travelling through a different world.

So far I have looked at blending exposures and then cutting sections out to create a painting feel to the image. See the image below, the photos used where taken this evening as the sun was setting as it had some amazing colours going on. I have layers the different images I took over half an hour and then removed sections of colour to show the images underneath.

It is a bit of a crazy experiment and loosely based upon the work of Matt Molley, who uses a collection of images to create impressionist style photographs. I quite like the patchwork effect of the sky and the colouring that has developed.

The other experiment for this evening was looking into chrono-photography, or the idea of showing motion in an image, again this is mainly done post-production of the photos for me currently. I took a burst of photos while at training the other weekend, and the attempt was to construct one image showing the dog's movement.

This again is similar to the work of √Čtienne-Jules Marey who took a number of photos of the same scene but at different times, and combining them together to show the movement of a person or animal. I do like this one from a training piece as it shows the dog's stride pattern and its technique, which is very useful in terms of working out pacing and stamina building. 

So any ideas on which path I should be taking, it could be one of these or a path from one of my previous posts, such as the overlaying of images:

So which path do you think my work should go in? I leave it up to you guys.

What do we think?


  1. I really like the movement images, especially the image from Chester Zoo. I like the use of colour with this images and the shape of the trees along the path.

  2. Although I do very much like the colorful sky photos, particularly the one with the number 32 bus, I find the 'pathing' ones such as the one at Chester Zoo or the latest one with the dogs the most interesting.

  3. The sunset really reminds me of a painting, I love the bold colours against the dark foreground. I vote for this one, however, I do find the use of the sunset image in the town photo also interesting, but I go with my original choice.

  4. I really like the black and white the colour really focuses the eye.

    I don't like the chrono photography as its too busy and no real focus to the picture.

    The painting effect would be very effective but I feel it would need vivid colours to work like in your example.

  5. The tracking photo's are very interesting and provoke a real sense of movement, like the horse picture, cannot remember the photographer, having said that, the sunsets are very special but do take alot of errort to capture the moment.

  6. I like how the colour makes the child in the first picture stand out. The movement gives energy to the picture. I think that this would work really well if you looked at things that are moving such as a series of pictures of runners, swimmers with a key person in colour.

  7. I like the ghostly images, particularly the cars

  8. I particularly like the one of the town with the bus and colourful sky. I like how the photo shows movement and uses the colour to have certain parts stand out.