Friday, 11 September 2015

Combining Images...

After spending the summer taking a large number of photographs, with many of the same scene at different times, I decided I needed to try and do something constructive with them. I thought that be layering them I could get some interesting sky patterns. So here are the results...

This was my first experiment of using different exposure times to construct the image that shows the passing of the sunset on this particular day. I took a number of photos at different stages of the sunset and then cut sections from each. I quite like the overall image but it is not very dramatic.

This is my second attempt and I was using a different method this time, instead of using sections of the images I was layering them on top of each other. This image has approximately 8 images combined to give this sky effect. This is the dramatic effect that I was after, although I did end up making everything else a silhouette, I guess that will be something I need to work on.

My final attempt for the evening, and I decided to try out adding in a different set of images on top of the second image I constructed. The photos I used on this were of a more pink and purple sunset than the originals ones I had been using. The camera was also set up in a slightly different position so I have got a ghosting effect in parts of the photo which I really like. I am also really pleased with the subtle colour that is showing through the blues in the sky.

I will be looking into this further and finding some more interesting locations to take the original photos to then use. 

On a side note, I am doing this investigation as part of my A2 Photography course. I am looking at how social media can be used to influence the artist and the viewer. I have found a number of different photographers and artists over the summer that have impacted on what photographs I have been taking and it has pushed me to find out more about how to recreate the same techniques. This would not have been possible when I did my A Levels back in school due to the lack of Internet and social media.

So in conclusion:

How does social media impact on the artist and the viewer, does it allow the artist to become the viewer and the viewer to become the artist? Discuss....


  1. Good question... as a viewer and someone that had studied art and photography many moons ago, the first thing that comes to my mind when viewing someone else's work is "How did they produce it and what media was used?"
    As the original artist, you can step back and look at it constructively as if you were the viewer.
    Social media is a great tool as you can reach a much wider global audience and get some great constructive feedback and ideas with what you can do next or improve your current work. When I did my course (1999) we didn't have the Internet, so I had to rely on classroom friends, friends and family for feedback, so my final work could've been much different.

    Because I am quite out of touch with photography these days, may I ask how you had managed to produce your photographs?
    Are you able to expose them yourself in a dark room, or is it a completely different process now that modern photography has gone digital?

    Love the moody blues in your last two shots. The third one particularly interests me as there is slightly more definition in the clouds. I can also see an eerie ghostly face in the clouds half way up and just to the right of centre!

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  3. I am totally digital, no way do I want to be anywhere near chemicals - been there and done that in the past. The investigation has altered a little in its path, I will upload the new version shortly.