Sunday, 13 September 2015

More pinhole cameras...

As it was a decent day we decided to go and collect the cameras I had put up a few months ago. Sadly at both locations the cameras had been removed, teaching me the lesson to make sure they are positioned off the beaten track.

With the weather holding and the dogs needing a walk, my Dad and I set out to put up some more. They are positioned in places that are hopefully hidden from view, and in some excellent spots for capturing a great exposure (fingers crossed).

Camera One

Great spot, quite secluded, and again I found myself in shorts wading through nettles and thistles to attach this. One day I will learn to wear trousers.
The view from the camera, fingers crossed for some great sky trails.

Camera Two
Again up to my waist in long grass and nettles, with the ground under foot not quite where I expected it to be!
The view from the camera position.

Hopefully these will stay put and I can pick them up in a few months. Or leave them over the winter as I don't fancy walking around here when it is cold, wet and windy!


  1. I once did a photographic diploma course back in '98/'99 but we were never introduced to pin hole cameras. I would be interested to see your results at the end of it. Good luck Amy and hope they're not taken this time!

  2. Can't wait to see what pictures you get :)

  3. Husband rescued one camera from a bush this evening, will be uploading the results later one. Fingers crossed these all stay attached to their original positions.