Thursday, 17 September 2015

Poor Camera!

My husband went out this evening to walk the dogs and came across the camera I put up in the local nature reserve. The poor thing had been pulled down and tossed into a bush, it was incredibly water logged and very soggy indeed, after retrieving the equally soggy photographic paper I decided to scan it anyway to see if it had managed to capture anything. (We have to remember here that it has only been up for about 6 weeks, and who knows when it ended up in the bush!)

Drum roll for the beaten up camera.....

Not too shabby really, it has got the tree line definition and the street light on the right hand side, and lots of water marks. 


  1. You don't have much luck with your pinhole cameras! It's a kind of spooky cool picture though :)

  2. It is the risk you take when putting them up, and it was to be expected to be honest.

  3. I really really like that image! It looks like a fantasy painting and slightly Lion Kingish - reminds me of Rafiki walking up the Pride Rock holding Simba! ;-)
    Glad the camera didn't get stolen and a shame that you didn't quite get the result you were looking for, but sometimes the best shots are the accidental ones.