Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rewind and Start Again - and introduce a 3 year old!

After getting a little frustrated with the Pi camera module, I decided to go back to basics with the electronics and refresh myself using the GPIO and so on. I had bought the Adventures in Raspberry Pi book and had the electronics to go with it so I thought it would be good to work through it so I can then use it in my lessons next year.

I also thought it would be a great way to show my son, Henry, some different stuff on a computer, as he usually gets to watch my husband play Hearthstone or use some apps on the iPad (puzzles and colouring mainly for Henry - and Daisy the Dinosaur is a firm favourite). So to get him involved I put together the LED and button, and to get a photo of it working I got Henry to press the button for me, and he is now hooked on what it can do.

After the success of the button, I went ahead and put the marshmallow button together, looked on by the new puppy - name today has been Bard. I say looked on, but supported quietly under the table.

Marshmallows were dug out of the cupboard, and after wrestling them off Henry I managed to get one plugged in and off we went destroying them as we squished them. Henry got involved by replacing the  marshmallows after they got too squashed to use anymore. We also changed the python code to get it to say hello to him.

From the frustration of the other day, to having so much fun with my son, playing with the simple parts of the GPIO - roll on trying out the Jukebox project!

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