Thursday, 3 July 2014

Not Raspberry Pi but related.....

After Picademy, a few of us realised that we were on the same train home, so we got our heads together to attempt to put our project idea into action. Since then, school and work towards my Master Teacher qualification has taken up most of my time, however, I have had a quick chance to play with normal Scratch to try and work out the quiz code element.

We decided that it would be great to import the questions from a text file to start with as this would minimise code that needed to be put in for each question. I found that importing a text file was really quite simple and the instructions I found were very clear. I used the Scratch code I found to create a basic quiz that prompted for answers to be typed in. This worked fine, so now I needed to make it so the questions would be answered by a button press.

I created a couple of buttons and tinkered with the blocks, had a quick trip around a number of tutorials and bashed together a quick quiz. 

Not the most tricky of things to put together in the end, but I am hoping I can now add in the electronic side of it so the buttons are actual physical buttons! So, I will now return to messing with my breadboard and GPIO pins to see if I can get it to work. Fingers crossed that I don't blow something up.


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  2. This looks like just the thing we were looking for. Should be a great addition to the Scheme. Now just need to set it up as instructions for a recipe card.

    Great find!