Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Development of the idea...

And I really must go and pick up the pinhole cameras before the weather makes them inaccessible until after the winter! Will check to see how long they have been up for first before braving the muddy fields and nettles.

On with the show, after having a quick look at the first few reviews that came in after the new images were posted (you know the A-Ha inspired ones), I have been having another fiddle with some images that I took of the boys playing at the local park.

I think that the subject and the angles that the images are taken at really plays into how well this technique works, and the overall result of the final image. During this process I created the original image and then played around with the different effects to see what I could do to boost the image.

Here we go...

This is the original image once completed, I have run a couple of adjustments over it to brighten the image a little to bring out the detail further.

On with the playing, I used a duplicate image and ran a find edge filter to create the white lines that are evident in the final image. I quite like this as it makes the figures a bit crisper on each of the layers.

I do like a good bit of black and white in photographs, so I thought I would try it out on this image and see the result. I have added in a further duplicate image to find the edges and changed the settings a little to boost the outlines. I really like this image, the grainy effect on the original image is interesting as it is in contrast with the bold edges that have been overlaid.


  1. These images look great, the actual content of the photo is really simple with the children playing but the layering of the action with the outline to enhance the view looks stunning. I love how this looks, very similar to how light painting can work as an outline to an object to make it stand out more.

    I think that these, or a set of images that are a similar type of movement would look great against a dark background so you can see only the movement that is going on.

  2. I really like the black and white one that has been made of the boys in the park. The white line around the figures gives a sense of movement that is subtle but really draws the eye in.

  3. I really like the second image whereby you have shown the process of movement on the apparatus in the park. The image allows you to see how the boys move their arms to balance on the stumps.