Monday, 16 November 2015

A New Direction?

This is titled a new direction but it is the same concept as the last few posts but just using a different subject and going extreme with the edging. I stumbled across images by a guy called Cafini, he recorded motion in one image against a dark background so that the movement and colour were the main focus. They really are stunning images.

It was much harder to work out this technique than I thought it was going to be, I understood how the method and how it should work, however, getting it to work was a whole other story. I eventually managed to get some images that are capturing the essence of what Cafini's work is showing, but I have a long way to go before it reaching anything that I am truly proud of.

To take it a step further than just viewing my poor attempts at capturing motion I have edited my images using the find edge technique to see if I could just highlight the main lines and therefore the movement.

Here are my results:

I do like how these turned out in the end, as it has captured the movement, however, I do need to try this with a full body movement to get some further experiments done.

The response from my Mum - "At least those ballet lessons when you were little have now had some use!"

And on another positive note, we managed to find two of the pinhole cameras that were put up at the beginning of September, so fingers crossed for some good results.


  1. The black background really helps to make these images stand out. I think the movement that is in them looks great, especially with the added colour for the main lines in the image. Some images that are zoomed further out to get the whole motion of the body would look amazing.

  2. I love these images, but I would like to see a full body photo showing movement.