Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Raspberry Pi in School

A bit late on posting this but better than never. As the Sixth Form have to look into networking I decided to get out the Pis to get the students to have a go at setting a static IP address and then using the chat program to send messages to each other. A nice intro into how networking works, well we had some fun getting it all to work correctly and then playing with the code to make it do other things. It also brought up more questions about how to get more Pis to link together and how to share documents and so on.

The class then moved onto hooking up some buttons and LEDs, along with the buzzer! To look at the client and server working together, this caused far more entertainment with the changing of the code to make the hardware do a whole set of different things. Raspberry Pis have been a hit, every lesson they want to do something on them, and I am getting project ideas for their coursework based what they could do with the Pi.

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