Monday, 30 June 2014

Picademy June 2014 @raspberrypi

Picademy 16th to 17th June 2014

What a busy 2 days!
After the initial excitement of being accepted onto the Picademy course the realisation of how to get to Cambridge and where I was going to stay hit me. Thankfully that was easily solved with a few phone calls to a friend and the school getting me a train ticket!
Arriving at Raspberry Pi Towers in Cambridge was a little daunting, even though the blurb about the training said that you did not need to have really done anything with a Pi, you know that most people will have done something awesome with it. My adventures in Raspberry Pi were limited to building a pyramid in Minecraft Pi with Python – not very exciting at all!
Day One – A whirlwind of different workshops on how to use the Raspberry Pi for a multitude of different activities, how to plan lessons around it. It was fantastic, by the end of the first day my brain was buzzing with ideas and things we could do in school.

Day Two – Putting what we learnt into practise, and what happens, my brain goes blank. Luckily, I was working with an awesome group and we made a basic prototype of an interactive quiz bear – more on this to follow…

A brilliant two days, of meeting the inventors and programmers of the Raspberry Pi, along with becoming a certified educator to boot!
Just got to put aside some time now to work everything out and into an amazing programme of study for school!


  1. Hi Amy, Is there online courses for PI ?? if yes, Can you guide me :)

  2. Hi Amy, Is there online courses for PI ?? if yes, Can you guide me :)

  3. Good evening, my name is Diego Peñaranda, I own a business of digital advertising and am thinking of using Raspberry Pi as multimedia players connected to the screens for reprducir videos with a heat sensor or motion so that when a person is closely automaticamnete videos are played. That said, the idea is that when turned on the video screens advertising imnediatamente reproduce without charge any other program. Do you think the Raspberry Pi is recommended for that use? if your opinion is that it is recommended, You Might indicate to me that the funcionamineto of Raspberry Pi is as I say, that when turned on the screen only advertising videos are played.

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